Teeth Whitening

At our clinic, between 2004- 2008, we have treated over 300 patients with professional Zoom ! office whitening.

After having found that the other competitor product BRITE SMILE office whitening was 30 % more effective than Zoom ! office whitening, we have introduced this BRITE SMILE office whitening to our patients and it has been shown to increase patient satisfaction level up significantly.


However, you will notice that there are more dentists who are still persisting to use relatively less effective Zoom ! whitening system and this is mainly due to expense cut down – as Zoom ! product is a cheaper whitening system.

BRITE SMILE Whitening Procedure

What’s Involved?

The Britesmile whitening process starts with a dentist examining your teeth and gums to ensure you are in good oral health. Then the appropriate concentration of whitening gel is applied to your teeth.
The Britesmile blue light then will be positioned over the teeth and illuminated to activate the gel throughout the oxidation process. During this time, you can watch TV, listen to music or nap.

Generally, the gels are applied to the teeth for three 20-minute intervals.

Maintaining Whitening Effects

How long whitening results last depends on the individual. Using tobacco, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, tea and dark soft drinks, and not seeing your dentist or dental hygienist for regular check-ups and cleanings can affect the whiteness of your teeth.

Things to Consider

Britesmile recommends that you not do this process while nursing or pregnant, receiving orthodontic treatment, or have extensive dental work, such as teeth veneers or crown/bridges. These factors will be reviewed by a dentist at your initial consultation.

All the whitening products have something in common – it only influences natural tooth structure. If you have either filling or crown cap in the front teeth, you will notice that they don’t change their colour at the completion of whitening, while natural tooth surface gets whiter. Therefore, we recommend you to consider changing these existing fillings 1-2 weeks after teeth whitening.

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